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Being an average student is not only about fun and parties but also about making decisions concerning their health. And many of students opt for ignoring their body needs that may lead to various disorders causing serious problems. To analyze this burning issue I've made up a list of the most disruptive things which are the main obstacles for students to stick to a healthy lifestyle.
  1. Nourishing meals are too expensive and time-consuming. Let's be honest-the lack of time and money is the main enemy for any student. Instead of cooking a hearty breakfast they would rather vote in favor of  junk food. Looking out for some reasonably priced products they usually choose ready meals which help them save time and money. Students choose dying of hunger but not devoting their precious hours to cooking slap-up meal. But then comes the moment when a student goes home and tries an elixir of longevity - home-cooked food which mom has prepared for a starving student. Such nutrition differences result in eating disorder and obesity as long as having quick snack every single day isn't a good option.
  2. Sedentary way of life. It doesn't come as quite as surprise that the majority of students spend much time studying or surfing social networking sites without taking up any kind of exercises. The thing is that in order to stay healthy we need to rotate physical and mental workout to develop our endurance during the day. Judging from the personal experience I feel more energetic after my training in a gym, and feel tired all the time if I spend the whole day just studying. What's more I feel particularly bad at night when I don't work physically as spending your energy in a gym is the best way to have a good rest at the end of the day. 
  3. Sleeping is for wimps - the most absurd fallacy for every student. Permanent splitting headache, heart disease, feeling dizzy are all the results of studying at night. So you had better think over before sacrificing your sleep.
Independence in your student means freedom in every life aspect, but consciousness is a good thing to consider. So eat fresh produce, take up exercises and sleep well and you will see that the key to your success is a healthy lifestyle.

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Production of high-quality memes

MEMEonix is a high-powered company which is responsible for making up memes and spreading them around the world in various forms. The company consists of a network of offices, each of which is in charge of a particular task. Here is the list of sections:
  1. Production of memes. It is the most important and demanding job. This section is the basis of others as without our top-notch professionals that put forward ideas related to various memes the other offices won't function at all. As the demand for memes raises with the increase of consumers, we need more professionals who will do a groundbreaking work. A meme-maker must be good at using his own initiative, he must keep up with the latest changes in memes industry and master new skills. What is more important - he must have a great sense The hardest task of a first-rate professional  is to be able to meet tight deadlines as it is a nine-to-five job which requires you work hard and productively. But those who are capable of staying calm under pressure are rewarded with various perks. We also have a performance related bonus scheme which shows how effectively each worker performs his tasks. If you are ambitious enough you can also be transferred to the editing section which is a much more rewarding job.
  2.  Editing memes. As any company which is aimed to satisfy mass market need there are people who supervise work and give their comments and advice. They estimate very meme made and then delegate duties to the PR section which is the final point of our enterprise. Editors must have a good knowledge of memes and also be good team players getting on well with their colleagues. 
  3.  PR section actually promotes memes delivering them to the consumers through stakeholders. Advertisers must cooperate with the best web-pages to spread memes and make them popular among consumers. PR professional must be a people person as he communicates with a great deal of administrators running their own web-pages. 
Altogether, if you possess all the qualities mentioned our company is waiting to take on top-notch professionals full of enthusiasm and desire to works hard and climb the career ladder.

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The future of the world is in my classroom today

If you ask any random adult if he would ever like to go back to his school classes, I'm sure that even an ex-straight A student  would never expose himself to experience it again. So why reminiscing our studying at school is something that makes us feel revulsion rather than nostalgia? It seems that the primary aim of education is not actually to educate but to force and establish the frames that limit our possibilities. But still there are people who fight against the system and put forward some great ideas we should keep up with and take into consideration. So I'd like to give feedback on some amazing TED talkers who give a fresh view on the subject.

  • The first speaker, Sugata Mitra, covers a lot of ground in his relevant speech.He starts with a brief background to the history and tells that the origin of today's schools dates back to the times of British Empire when education was aimed to create a bureaucratic administrative machine. The empire has gone, but the system remained the same. That is why to grasp the importance of education Sugata subscribes to the theory that the educational system today is obsolete. He also tells us about a very significant experiment he carried out during his researches. He went to remote areas of his country and gave computer to the kids that have never previously used it. He returned in a few months and found out that these eager beavers used the device as if they completed a course! He proves that practice makes perfect and our natural curiosity is something that pushes us to explore, to learn, to examine.
  • I honestly think that the second speaker, Ken Robinson, has a natural talent for making up remarkable decisions about the topic of education. In his speech he puts forward 3 principles on which a human life flourishes, and they're contradicted by the culture of education when most of the teachers need to labor and most of the students - endure.
    The first principle - human being are different, so education must be based on diversity but not conformity.
    The second principle - curiosity is the engine of achievement. The process of giving lessons is not only about delivering received information. Great teachers actually do that but they also stimulate, provoke and engage.
    Finally, the third principle - a human life is inherently creative so education mustn't suppress but encourage this characteristic. 
It's my firm conviction that there's a room for improvement in the modern system of education, especially in our country. So here are some of my personal reflections:
  • Student must have the right to choose the courses they want to do. Of course there must be compulsory ones but concerning secondary subjects it must be up to our personal choice. In this case the number of students skipping their classes will definitely decrease.
  • Learning must be predominant but not testing. Students usually tend to cram, then scrape through an exam and forget everything previously learnt with the sigh of relief. Education mustn't function this way.
  • The government must attribute a high status to the profession of the teacher and encourage them in all the ways possible. All of my group mates were asked whether they want to be translators or teachers, and the majority confidently stated - TRANSLATORS. The reason is that the profession of the teacher is not appreciated in our country.
  • More space for creativity. It great when students have practice in different scientific aspects but apart from that student need to go beyond their boundaries and give freedom to their thoughts and ideas.

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It was just an ordinary day for two of them. She had a lot of papers to examine, he had nothing to do but accomplish the tasks hіs boss obliged him to do. They were both conscientious characters as white collars never sleep and always work. Katherine was one of that girls with slim figure hiding it under costume. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover as despite her smart look she is a rather easy-going person. She didn't have striking appearance but always attracted attention with her razor-sharp mind and quick-witted personality. She was a rather extroverted person being a good company to everyone. Ban was a well-built man who was hiding his muscular body under a white office shirt. Comparing with his colleague he was a rather aloof character and had a hard time making new friends. But despite being so stand-offish, he still owned some virtues crucial for team spirit. He was considerate to others that created a good impression of him and everyone working in the office thought the word of him. The trick is that Ban has been madly in love with Kath since the time they first met a few years ago. And now he made a snap decision and decided to get that off his chest and tell Katherine about his feelings.


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Emotions make us human. Denying them makes us beasts

It goes without saying that emotions and feelings is an inevitable part of our existence. Every single day bring enormous moods for us, as now we jump for joy, but after an hour somebody fills us with dread or makes us feel apprehensive. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is much more better than bottling up your emotions that may lead to feeling down in the dumps. Lets be honest-nobody wants to feel depressed because of the lack of emotions in your everyday routine. In order not to make it homogeneous but versatile, we need to derive pleasure from being emotional. We must be grateful that we have such a splendid opportunity to express our feeling and emotions whenever and wherever we want. Such a priceless gift. 
Here are some pics of my life that display various feelings and emotion the face could ever "produce". Enjoy:)

There are so few songs in the world I get goose bumps from. And this song is actually that one-of-a-kind. In fact, I feel truly ecstatic listening to all of the compositions by Coldplay, and I'm in high spirits listening to this one. What's more, the video itself urges everyone to be in a state of euphoria as it provokes so many thoughts in your head. In love with this masterpiece.

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Word Families. Word formation

Upstream Upper-Intermediate B2+ Unit 5 

Word families representation



It may sound a bit weird but words also need love, that is why they form word families. And it doesn't come as quite as surprise that many of them trace back to the ancient times. In fact, we must give credits to those Roman and Latin guys who actually contributed greatly to the lexicon of the English language we have now. 
Why do we need to know all that roots? Well, if you come across some article, for example, and see unknown word but the prefix is truly familiar, then you can generate some ideas about what that word could theoretically mean.
What's more, such prefixes may help you in the learning process, as you can automatically recognize the word if you know what its root means. Thus, you dispose all your words in the groups with the same root and similar meanings that decreases your suppression. The advantage of learning these roots is transparent because it gives you many opportunities to build up your vocabulary.